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A Comprehensive Guide to the Malt Live Dubai 2024

The specifics mentioned below may cover most of your queries about the Malt Live Dubai 2024 festival.

What is the Age limit for entry to the Malt Live Dubai 2024 Festival?

  • 21 years is the age limit for entry to the festival premises.

What are the timings for the Malt Live Dubai Festival?

  • The GOLD Pass holders are welcome from 10 am.
  • For SILVER Pass holders, the gates will open at 12 noon
  • The Festivities will go on and stay open until 11 pm.

Are there enough parking facilities available at the festival location?

  • There are enough self-park facilities available on the festival premise. 
  • Due to the nature of the festival, visitors are encouraged to choose from the various public transport options available, to get to the event. 

What is included in the SILVER Ticket?

  • The SILVER Ticket grants entry to both the levels 7 and 8. 
  • Visitors have the opportunity to taste and experience all the premium malts, spirits, cocktails and more, presented by some of the biggest and most admired brands in the world, all day long.
  • Access to Cigar segment and the Cigar World experience
  • Access to a Multicuisine Food court, with a range of bites and delicacies specially curated for the festival, at nominal prices. 

What is included in the GOLD Ticket?

  • Apart from all the benefits of the SILVER ticket, the GOLD Ticket grants access to special, rare and very aged premium spirits at the level 9.
  • Access to the premium lounges at Level 9
  • Access to the Premium Ash Hole Cigar Club lounge
  • Priority access to high end Master classes and panel discussions
  • A well laid out Buffet food spread, all day long 

Is it possible to upgrade from a SILVER Ticket to a GOLD Ticket at the festival?

  • Visitors can upgrade their SILVER Ticket to a GOLD Ticket at the festival, subject to availability. 
  • Please visit our ticketing counter on premise for assistance, and to pay the difference.

Will there be any Master classes organized?

  • There are several Master classes organized across the day by many premium brands. 
  • These sessions have limited seats; and they are accessible to every visitor at no additional cost. 
  • The GOLD Ticket holders may have priority reservations to these Master classes. 

Are Food and Beverage facilities available at the festival?

  • The GOLD Ticket holders have access to a buffet spread at the premium lounge at no cost.
  • There will be multi-cuisine food and beverage kiosks spread across the level 8 terrace, for all visitors. 
  • These food Kiosks are designed to serve specially curated bites / delicacies for the festival.
  • Visitors may enjoy the various pop-up options, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Are there specially dedicated smoking areas at the festival premise?

  • The festival has a vast outdoor terrace area, spread across the level 8. 
  • There will be a comfortable premium Cigar lounge presented by the Ash Hole Cigar Club – the biggest Cigar Club in the world.
  • Cigar enthusiasts and visitors are welcome to indulge in their favorite Cigars and engage with fellow Cigar enthusiasts at the dedicated Ash Hole Cigar Club lounge.
  • For others, the entire terrace / outdoors at the Level 8 will be a smoking zone.

Is there a dress code to attend the event?

  • There is no defined dress code for the festival. 
  • The Outdoors are expected to be windy and cold towards afternoon and beyond. 
  • It may help to dress suitably. 

Who are the exhibitors at the festival?

  • Most of the major global brands within the Malt and Spirit industry will exhibit their premium product range, including several new and rare expressions. 
  • Visitors have the opportunity to experience Malts, Spirits and other beverages from Scotland, Japan, India, America, France, Taiwan, Australia and more
  • There will be Kiosks set up by Bar accessory brands
  • Visitors can access Cocktail bars, experience centers and panel discussion formats
  • There will be a number of Cigar brands presented, where visitors may have the opportunity to converse with brand owners, engage with enthusiasts and experience the Cigar world
  • Cigar accessory brands will showcase their lighters, cutters, Cigar care kits, carry cases, humidors and other accessories.
  • Look out for offers from the different brands, that may vary as decided by the principles.

Will there be any white spirits, cocktail bars, or other drinks available to taste at the festival?

  • There will be a premium indoor Cocktail bar at the level 8.
  • Visitors can indulge in some novel and free flowing cocktail options at no cost.

Are there any restrictions on the number of tastings per person?

  • In principle, there will be no defined restrictions. 
  • Each visitor will be entitled to a reasonable number of tastings; but drinking responsibly is encouraged.
  • The organizers reserve the right to limit servings in the interest of safety, and to prevent unforeseen incidents.

Can tickets be purchased at the festival, or is available only online?

  • Tickets are available online, and at the festival. 
  • To ensure availability and a seamless access to the festival premises, it is recommended to purchase the tickets online. 

Is the festival equipped to cater to visitors who are differently abled?

  • The venue is equipped with fairly good facilities for visitors who are differently abled, including wheel-chair access and special seating areas.

Can visitors bring their own food and drinks to the festival?

  • Food and drink from outside are not permitted within the festival premises. 
  • There will be a variety of food and beverage options available for visitors, to enjoy with family and friends.

Will there be any entertainment or music to build on the festive spirit?

  • Visitors can experience live music, DJ’s and other forms of entertainment to enhance the festival experience.

Are there any group discounts available for ticket purchases?

  • There are group discounts on offer for groups of 10 or more.
  • Please connect with the ticketing office for more details.

What plans are in place, should the weather go bad?

  • The main event is primarily organized indoors, and hence will carry on without interruptions, regardless of the weather status.
  • The Cigar lounge and experience zone will be set up on level 8, at the outdoor terrace area. 
  • Any changes due to extreme weather forecast by the weather department, maybe communicated through the festival website and social media channels in advance; soon as the organizers get to know.

Can the visitors continue celebrating the good times, post 11 PM, once the festival closes?

  • An After-party is being organized at the Soho Garden, a premium Lounge and club within the Meydan hotel
  • Soho Garden is expected to present special offers on their beverage menu, for those who wish to continue partying till the early hours.

Can the visitors get special room rates at the Meydan Hotel, should they wish to stay post the after party and enjoy the weekend? 

  • The Meydan Hotel has offered limited rooms at an extremely discounted room rate for the night.
  • Visitors are welcome to enjoy the after party and then check into the Hotel to spend a relaxed weekend.
  • There are limited rooms available at the festival exclusive special rates, and it is prudent to book your rooms well in advance.
  • Celebrate the post Valentine weekend at the premium Meydan Hotel with the exclusive rates on offer for the festival visitors.